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Diamonds, the definition of LOVE

Diamonds are a girls best friend – Marilyn Monroe.

The Diamond, April’s birthstone, is one of the most expensive and sought after gems. The name comes from the Greek ‘adamas’ which means ‘extreme hardness’.

Diamonds are the hardest natural gem and the most efficient conductor of heat. These gems are formed 120-200 kilometers beneath the earth’s surface and are found in Kimberlite pipes.

The composition of a Diamond is Carbon (C) which is no different to graphite or charcoal. Yet the difference lies in how the carbon atoms are bound and the conditions during formation of Diamonds.

One of the most misunderstood characteristics of Diamonds is its hardness. Hardness does not mean break resistance or toughness, but refers to scratch resistance. A Diamond will not scratch easily, but if it falls it can split into two pieces.

A Diamond’s value is determined by the 4C’s - Colour, Clarity, Cut and Carat Weight. Diamonds are not as rare as you believe, especially the bigger sized diamonds. The number of larger or fancy diamonds entering the market is controlled in order to maintain high prices. Prices and volumes of Diamonds are strictly regulated by powerful cartels like De Beers. Another reason for high prices in diamonds is the costly mining process.

Blue, pink, yellow and green diamonds are called Fancy Colour Diamonds. These are natural and rare, and therefore highly priced. Red Diamonds are the rarest and most expensive of all gems.

Polki Diamonds are rough uncut natural Diamonds. They are relatively cheaper than the cut Diamonds and are found often in Indian Jewellery.

If you are buying a Diamond go for cuts like ‘brilliant’ or ‘princess’. The more facets on the diamond the more sparkle and fire. For larger Diamonds, a carat and above, always get a certificate.

Diamonds are not necessarily as expensive as perceived. There are many qualities and something suitable for every budget. Clarity grades up to SI (Slightly Included) are perfectly fine for jewellery. The inclusions in this grade are not visible to the naked eye.

However, if you really can’t afford it and still want sparkles in your life go for Cubic Zirconias (CZ). In Cubic Zirconias, Swarovsky or Swiss American Diamonds are considered to be the better ones. Keep in mind that larger Cubic Zirconias look fake! Cubic Zirconias are man-made stones and not naturally found.