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Statement Jewellery? Hell yeah!

A few tips on selecting, wearing and loving your perfect statement jewellery piece!


Statement jewellery are all the rage this season and these bold, beautiful and arresting pieces could be either rings, earrings or pendants. While necklaces are a little tricky as there is a fine line between classy and tacky; chokers make perfect statement pieces.  After all, who can forget Cate Blanchett’s striking Tiffany & Co. turquoise necklace at the Oscars in 2015?

A piece of jewellery becomes a statement item because of its unique design, size or the gemstones used. Bare skin also draws more attention to the jewellery you use. So if you tie your hair back, your earrings will become prominent statements.

Statement jewellery works best when it’s fine jewellery; i.e. designed using precious metals and/or gemstones. Designer pieces that portray your personality and individual style can make you feel confident and look like a million dollars!  While fashion jewellery is also attractive and perfect for daily use, fine jewellery adds sophistication, elegance and panache while setting the tone for making a great impression no matter the occasion. Picking the right statement piece depends on the look you are trying to achieve. For this article, I will focus on modern and sassy looks as it is my forte. 

If designer jewellery is out of your budget, here are a few guidelines on picking the right type of fashion jewellery.

The Stones. The bigger the stones, the faker it looks. So choose pieces with smaller crystals. Pay attention to details such as stone settings. Make sure the stones are all glued into their cases correctly without any visible blobs. Look for genuine metal colours like silver or gold but try not to choose shades that are too bright.

While diamonds are beautiful and every girl’s dream, jewellery with diamonds will not stand out or be as impressive unless the stones are large or in clusters. Nature gives us many vibrant and gorgeous coloured stones so it’s a shame not to make full use of the spectrum! Each gemstone has its own energy and metaphysical properties that you could use to soothe or align your chakras. For example, if you are of a nervous disposition, wearing an amethyst may calm you down.

Understated Elegance. The golden rule with statement jewellery is to wear only one piece at a time - all other jewellery worn should complement the main piece. It is extremely important that the different pieces do not overwhelm each other. Of course it is possible to combine a statement ring with earrings, or a ring with a bangle, but the pieces must match and be similar in size.

Why wear statement jewellery? The type of jewellery you wear defines who you are and sets you apart from the crowd. Someone may wear the same outfit as you but no one will ever use the same combination of clothes and jewellery that you will.  Statement jewellery complements your outfit whilst lending glamour to your entire ensemble. Remember the pair of emerald earrings and matching ring that perfected Angelina Jolie’s glamourous outfit at the Oscars in 2009?

Using statement jewellery to express your unique personality gives you the confidence boost to step out of your natural comfort zone. It is not about how expensive the piece is, it’s about the look and how it makes you feel. Statement jewellery in the workplace, when it is done right, signals self-assurance and poise. Statement jewellery can even be used as a secret weapon to perk you up when you’re feeling down or self-conscious.

In short, statement jewellery is for real women, confident, powerful and phenomenal.